TAB på plats i Wagwe, Kenya: Team Mama Norah’s Education Centre

At Mama Norah’s our focus has been on developing a student-centered classroom where thinking is at the center.

Along with observing classes, we demonstrated in three grades: a reading and writing lesson in grade 2, a reading comprehension lesson in grade 4 and a reading lesson in PP1.

In the upcoming week, we’ll give a workshop for the teachers that shows how and why a classroom that focuses on thinking matters. We’ll also coach each of Mama Norah teachers by planning a lesson with them, observing the lesson and reflecting with them.

One of our noticings was how students came alive as they read books. We saw joy on their faces. Given the opportunity, students displayed an impressive ability to think and seem to crave the chance to collaborate deeply in order to become more independent learners.

Nancy Meredith, Stevi Quate, Pam McCrackers


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